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� � "Mr. Sam usually let me do whatever I wanted on these promotions because he figured I wasn't going toscrew it up, but on this one he came down and said, 'Why did you buy so much You can't sell all ofthis!' But the thing was so big it made the news, and everybody came to look at it, and it was all gone in aweek. I had another one that scared them up in Bentonville too. This guy from Murray of Ohio called oneday and said he had 200 Murray 8 horsepower riding mowers available at the end of the season, and hecould let us have them for $175. Did we want any And I said, 'Yeah, I'll take 200.' And he said,'Twohundred!' We'd been selling them for $447, I think. So when they came in we unpacked every one ofthem and lined them all up out in front of the store, twenty-five in a row, eight rows deep. Ran a chainthrough them and put a big sign up that said: '8 h.p. Murray Tractors, $199.' Sold every one of them. Iguess I was just always a promoter, and being an early Wal-Mart manager was as good a place topromote as there ever was."I'll tell you, Phil not only liked to swim upstream, he liked to do it with weights strapped on just to showhe could do it. Things may not be quite as wild today as they once were, but being a Wal-Mart managerisstill a great place to promote items because it is such a part of our heritage, and it is a part we hadbetter always hold on to. Over the years, I've had so much fun with this, and it really is amazing howmuch merchandise you can move with just a little promotion. Folks always ask me what are some of thebig moments I remember in the history of Wal-Mart, and I usually say, oh, when we passed a billiondollars in sales, or 10 billion, or whatever. But the truth is, some of my fondest memories are of plain oldeveryday items that we sold a ton of by presenting nicely on endcaps (displays at the end of aisles)or ontables out in action alley (the big horizontal aisle running across a store just behind the checkoutcounters). I guess real merchants are like real fishermen: we have a special place in our memories for afew of the big ones. Whenever he hit gravel and broken glass, he yanked on rubber foot gloves called the VibramFiveFingers and kept going. Soon, he wasn鈥檛 just some runner; he was one of the best barefootrunners in America and a sought-after authority on stride technique and ancient footwear. Onenewspaper even ran an article on foot health headlined WHAT WOULD BAREFOOT TED DO? In giving an account of this period of my life, I have only specified such of my new impressions as appeared to me, both at the time and since, to be a kind of turning points, marking a definite progress in my mode of thought. But these few selected points give a very insufficient idea of the quantity of thinking which I carried on respecting a host of subjects during these years of transition. Much of this, it is true, consisted in rediscovering things known to all the world, which I had previously disbelieved, or disregarded. But the rediscovery was to me a discovery, giving me plenary possession of the truths, not as traditional platitudes, but fresh from their source; and it seldom failed to place them in some new light, by which they were reconciled with, and seemed to confirm while they modified, the truths less generally known which lay in my early opinions, and in no essential part of which I at any time wavered. All my new thinking only laid the foundation of these more deeply and strongly while it often removed misapprehension and confusion of ideas which had perverted their effect. For example, during the later returns of my dejection, the doctrine of what is called Philosophical Necessity weighed on my existence like an incubus. I felt as if I was scientifically proved to be the helpless slave of antecedent circumstances; as if my character and that of all others had been formed for us by agencies beyond our control, and was wholly out of our own power. I often said to myself, what a relief it would be if I could disbelieve the doctrine of the formation of character by circumstances; and remembering the wish of Fox respecting the doctrine of resistance to governments, that it might never be forgotten by kings, nor remembered by subjects, I said that it would be a blessing if the doctrine of necessity could be believed by all quoad the characters of others, and disbelieved in regard to their own. I pondered painfully on the subject, till gradually I saw light through it. I perceived, that the word Necessity, as a name for the doctrine of Cause and Effect applied to human action, carried with it a misleading association; and that this association was the operative force in the depressing and paralysing influence which I had experienced: I saw that though our character is formed by circumstances, our own desires can do much to shape those circumstances; and that what is really inspiriting and ennobling in the doctrine of free-will, is the conviction that we have real power over the formation of our own character; that our will, by influencing some of our circumstances, can modify our future habits or capabilities of willing. All this was entirely consistent with the doctrine of circumstances, or rather, was that doctrine itself, properly understood. From that time I drew in my own mind, a clear distinction between the doctrine of circumstances, and Fatalism; discarding altogether the misleading word Necessity. The theory, which I now for the first time rightly apprehended, ceased altogether to be discouraging, and besides the relief to my spirits, I no longer suffered under the burthen, so heavy to one who aims at being a reformer in opinions, of thinking one doctrine true, and the contrary doctrine morally beneficial. The train of thought which had extricated me from this dilemma, seemed to me, in after years, fitted to render a similar service to others; and it now forms the chapter on Liberty and Necessity in the concluding Book of my "System of Logic." � 五月色深爱激情综合网 � � � "Really it's a pretty simple philosophy. What you have to do is just draw a line in the dirt, and force thebureaucracy back behind that line. And then know for sure that a year will go by and it will be backacross that line, and you'll have to do the same thing again."I guess one reason I feel so strongly about not letting egos get out of control around Wal-Mart is that alot of bureaucracy is really the product of some empire builder's ego. Some folks have a tendency tobuild up big staffs around them to emphasize their own importance, and we don't need any of that atWal-Mart. If you're not serving the customer, or supporting the folks who do, we don't need you. Whenwe're thinking small, that's another thing we're always on the lookout for: big egos. You don't have tohave a small ego to work here, but you'd better know how to make it look small, or you might wind up introuble. Ann was like a circus strongman who fights the toughest guy in any town: she won on roads andtrails 鈥?on smooth tracks and scrabbly mountains 鈥?in America, Europe, and Africa. Shesmashed world records at 50 miles, 100 kilometers, and 100 miles, and set ten more world bests onboth track and road. She qualified for the Olympic Marathon Trials, ran 6:44 a mile for 62 miles towin the World Ultra Title, and then won Western States and Leadville in the same month.