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� In the meantime, look what's happened to the industry. Nowadays, we're heroes because we're stillshowing double-digit growth. If we do 20 percent, it's the lead item on the national news broadcastsbecause they view it as an economic indicator. The point is, all those analysts may have had perfectlylogical theories about why a 20 percent increase would be a disaster for us. But they failed to see that ina big economic downturn, when everybody is suffering, Wal-Mart's fundamental strengths would keep usgoing strong. And we would look great compared to everybody else. � 鈥淪aturday鈥攐f Messidor!鈥?he exclaimed, when ordering the Moniteur to be dated on a certain day. 鈥淲e shall be laughed at! But I will do away with the Messidor! I will efface all the inventions of the Jacobins!鈥?[109] � � avtt天堂东京热一道本 Now, most of these guys already had distribution centers and systems in place, while we had to buildone from scratch. So on paper we really didn't stand a chance. What happened was that they didn'treally commit to discounting. They held on to their old variety store concepts too long. They were soaccustomed to getting their 45 percent markup, they never let go. It was hard for them to take a blousethey'd been selling for $8.00, and sell it for $5.00, and only make 30 percent. With our low costs, ourlow expense structures, and our low prices, we were ending an era in the heartland. We shut the door onvariety store thinking. Lisette complained bitterly to her husband, who only told her to let them talk, and treated the matter with indignant contempt. � � �