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� I HAD begun to like him on the night Towneley had sent for me, and on the following day I thought he had shaped well. I had liked him also during our interview in prison, and wanted to see more of him, so that I might make up my mind about him. I had lived long enough to know that some men who do great things in the end are not very wise when they are young; knowing that he would leave prison on the 30th, I had expected him, and, as I had a spare bedroom, pressed him to stay with me till he could make up his mind what he would do. He passed down Fetter Lane into Fleet Street and so to the Temple, to which I had just returned from my summer holiday. It was about half past nine, and I was having my breakfast, when I heard a timid knock at the door and opened it to find Ernest. � 鈥淲e must get to the bottom of this, my dear Martin鈥攊t鈥檚 a privilege I demand from my clients to address them by their Christian names鈥攐therwise how can I establish the necessary intimate rapport between them and myself? So I repeat, my dear Martin, we must have the reason for the rupture or the dissolution or the termination of what seems to be the only romantic episode in your career. I鈥檓 not joking,鈥?Fortinbras added gravely, after a pause. 鈥淔rom the psychological point of view, it is important that I should know.鈥? � AVTT天堂网2014东京热-avtt天堂东京热一道本-AVtt天堂网影音先锋-AVTT天堂网 in your next letter. "It's just an easy way of gettin' a shot at a deer," replied Meyers. "You choose a place where he'll be likely to pass, and put some salt in the hollow of an old log, or in a hole near the foot of a tree. Then you climb the tree and sit there and wait, and when the deer comes to lick the salt you may safely unhitch the contents of your rifle, for they rarely observe anything higher than their heads." "'An' what ca' ye thae now?' inquired the Scotchman. The ripe rice, in golden ears, is cut with sickles; a row of women in red gather it into sheaves, which men carry on their back, at once, to the next village, and there it is threshed out forthwith on floors but just swept. �